Avoid feeling guilty about spending


If you've ever felt guilty about spending money, here are five ways you can open up your wallet without opening a giant can of guilt at the same time.


1. Spend consciously - Being aware of where and how you spend your money is the first step to being happy about releasing it. Pay attention to where your money goes and eliminate expenses that don't serve you or line up with your values and priorities. Are you spending on a gym membership you never use? Do you spend money on cigarettes, even though you want to quit and don't know how? Write down every time you spend money.


bluebox2. Spend for need - Discerning the difference between a need and a want is crucial in the battle against spending guilt. Spending guilt happens when you buy to make yourself feel better or to distract yourself from personal issues. Just as comfort eating feels good in the moment and terrible afterward, comfort shopping does the same. That pair of red pumps makes you feel happy temporarily but may induce feelings of guilt once you get them home.


Recognize that feelings of sadness, anger, loneliness and frustration can be shopping triggers. When you feel triggered, rather than run off to the mall, substitute a run, journal about it, or have a conversation with a friend to regulate your mood instead.


3. Spend more for quality - It's tempting to choose an item simply on price, especially when money is a bit tight. Depending on what you buy, sometimes the best option is to shop for the lowest price, while other times it actually costs more to buy based on price. If the item is something you'll own for a while or use every day it's smarter to spend a little more for quality. Doing so means you won't replace the item over again because the first one didn't stand the test of time.


4. Spend cash - We know you can't spend cash you don't have, and nothing demonstrates the difference between needs and wants like handing over cold hard cash. When you pay with cash you're literally exchanging money for goods or services. To build up your supply of cash, we recommend saving your change in a jar and watch it build up over time.


5. Spend on others - We understand feeling a little guilty about paying someone else to do things for you. But, maybe it's time to realize the difference between time and money. Time is a finite resource, while money is renewable. While you could do certain tasks yourself, would you rather spend your time doing other things? Now is the time to shift your mindset. If you can outsource tasks to others, you may have more time and energy to focus on what's most important to you, while helping someone else provide for their family and contributing to the wellness of the economy. Use these helpful tips to ensure that your next shopping experience will be happy and guilt-free.


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