Due dates

Your payment is due on the same date every month. Please allow time for delivery and processing as noted below to ensure we receive your payment on time.


Payment methods

Standard payment options

Choose a payment method that's right for you.

  • Online: Set up an online payment by 6 pm ET on your due date, and it will automatically be debited from your checking account on the date you select. Learn more about online payments.
  • In-store: If the retailer listed on your card has a store near you, you may be able to drop off your payment in the store so it can be applied to your account on the same day. Check the back of your billing statement to see if in-store payments are available for your account.
  • Mail: Send your payment and payment coupon in the envelope that came with your billing statement. We recommend allowing a week for the payment to arrive. If you're a paperless customer, print out a payment stub on the online account management site so your payment is processed as quickly as possible.

Need to rush a payment?


If you need your payment credited to your account today, you may pay online prior to 6 pm ET, or call us at the phone number on the back of your billing statement during Customer Care hours to speak with a Customer Care representative. A fee applies to same-day payments made with the representative.




Your Payment Amount

Your updated minimum payment due is listed on each billing statement. Paying the minimum amount due by the payment due date will keep your account up-to-date. Paying the entire balance due will prevent any interest charges on your account.